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  About 大家最熟悉的是“关于”和“大约”的意思,但是你只需要记住about有“附近的”意思,其他的意思都是其衍生义。

  Talk about
  ?  And what’s worse is that Mom made me the subject of her parenting column in our local paper that week。 She didn’t use my actual name, but I don’t think it would’ve taken a detective to figure out who she was talking about。
  ?  I have been asking Mom and Dad for my own phone for FOREVER, but Mom always says I already have one. She’s talking about my Ladybug phone, though, and that’s more like a preschool toy.
  TALK ABOUT:谈论、讨论。
  例子1: All I can say is, they better not be talking about ME。
  例子2: At first, I didn't know what he was talking about.
  例子3: The only aunt I haven’t talked about yet is Aunt Audra。
  Happy about
  ?  Uncle Gary told Dad he needs a place to stay until he can get on his feet again。 Dad didn't seem too happy about that, but by then Mom was downstairs, and she told Uncle Gary he can stay as long as he needs。
  ?  The only thing I’m not happy about is his name。 Mom’s the one who set up my account, and I can’t figure out how to change the name she registered with。
  HAPPY ABOUT:对。。。感到高兴。
  例子1: Anyway, I don’t think Mom was too happy about getting that phone call。
  例子2: He said ok even though he didn’t seem happy about it。
  例子3: He seemed pretty happy about it.
  Be right about
  ?  Mom was right about the electricity, because fifteen minutes after her prediction, the power cut off and didn’t come back on. She tried to call the electric company, but her cell phone battery was dead. Every hour the temperature dropped another two or three degrees, and we had to get a blanket to keep ourselves warm.
  ?  I never thought I'd agree with Rodrick on anything, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe he was right about Leland being a nerd after all。
  BE RIGHT ABOUT:在...上正确。
  例子1: Mom was right about the jacket not being a winter coat.
  例子2: It turns out Rodrick was right about the Shag thing.
  例子3: And by theway, I was right about what happens when you learn new stuff.
  TALK ABOUT:谈论、讨论。
  HAPPY ABOUT:对。。。感到高兴。
  BE RIGHT ABOUT:在...上正确。
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