生活杂谈     |      2020-01-01 21:28
  加油是Fighting? Add oil?
  “加油”不是“fighting”,也不是 “add oil”!这算中式英语!

  Let’s go!
  Go go go!
  Come on!
  You can do it!
  Kick their butts!
  Kick his butt!
  Kick her butt!
  Go get them!
  Keep it up.
  Keep up the good work!
  Hang in there.
  Don't give up.
  Way to go.
  Well done。
  Nice job.
  Good luck!
  Break a leg!
  Who are you cheering for?
  Which team are you rooting for?
  Who do you support?
  Which team do you follow?
  I always cheer on the team that is losing because I enjoy watching a losing team come back and win the game。
  Wow, the music you are making sounds great. Keep up the good work!
  I’m rooting for team USA. Who are you rooting for?
  The fans are cheering on the runners in the marathon。
  A: I am preparing for tomorrow's big exam。
  B: Hang in there。 You can do it!
  A: My girlfriend is treating me badly.
  B: All relationships go through rough times。 Hang in there and things will work out!
  A: I'll be performing tonight.
  B: Good luck with the performance. or Break a leg.
  A: I am still working on the report.
  B: Keep it up。 You are doing great!
  A: I'll be playing in the basketball game tomorrow.
  B: Great! I'll be there to cheer you on.