生活杂谈     |      2019-12-26 23:01
  All my life, I’ve been called nice… I’ve been called other things, but always nice and it never sat right with me.
  sit right with 和某人(观点)一致
  eg.Something about Ms. William's claims doesn't  sit right with me.
  “He was nice…。”
  See! Why does the word “nice” rub me the wrong way? Why don’t people want to date the nice guy? What’s so wrong with nice?
  rub the wrong way  激怒,惹怒
  eg.Anyone who’s telling you what to do is liable to rub you the wrong way.
  Well, I recently found out nice used to be a negative------derived from the Latin word “nescius”, meaning “ignorant”。 And in the 14th century, it was used to refer to a stupid, ignorant, or foolish person。
  derived from 来源于
  eg。So if we have a concept of causation , it must be derived from experience 。
  OK, so you really didn’t want to be the nice guy back then。 However, by the 15th century, it started to refer to a person who was finely dressed, shy or reserved, or precise。 Kind of vague, but maybe nice was getting nicer?
  Is that the reason why people don’t want to date the nice guy? Because it started out describing stupid idiots and then it was used for plain people that nobody remembers. And because of that, I don’t think I’m a nice guy anymore and I’m OK with that. But… that doesn’t make me mean.